The One Week Sciatica Reliever That Keeps Getting Blocked By Big Pharma…

The “Home Vertebra Decompression System”

Or “how to save $950 a year on dealing with back pain”…

Because once you use THIS Natural program – pain killers, doctor’s visits, and expensive surgeries become a thing of the past…

In 7 days or less.

Why is why they’re doing their best to remove all traces of this from the internet. The pain relievers – the addictive pain relievers – are how Pharmaceuticals make their money… Especially in the $100 billion per year back pain industry.

They keep you coming back more and more because they know you want to alleviate your pain…

But now you’re going to know how to deal with it yourself.

The Home Vertebra Decompression System was created to address sciatica pain – and it’s meant to be accessible to EVERYONE from ANYWHERE.

Created by a man who KNEW that he was too young to be dealing with back and leg pain.

  • Too young to be afraid to sneeze…
  • Too young to dread putting on his socks in the morning…
  • Too young to need his wife’s help to go from room-to-room…

And he was right. Dealing with searing pain, on-and-off, and relying on aspirin and ibuprofen and unhelpful doctors was no way to live at all.

But now, he’s more active and flexible than even his toddlers..

How Home Exercises Erase Sciatica

What he realized was that even though it hurt to make certain movements, and needing help to move around was embarrassing…

Movement was actually key.

To get his freedom back, he was going to have to use exercises.

Not just any exercises, but ones specifically chosen – ones designed to alleviate the pain caused by a herniated disc – the most common cause of sciatica.

But even knowing that, he still had his work cut out for him. It was a negative feedback loop:

  • You can’t exercise efficiently because you have sciatica… BUT –
  • You need to exercise to deal with sciatica… BUT –
  • If you exercise wrong with sciatica, you will make the pain even more severe.

Even choosing rest isn’t necessarily the right move, because staying still too long makes your muscles stiffen and increases your pain. Not to mention, after a week of bed rest, you’ll lose muscle strength at a rate of 12% a week!

To beat Sciatica you HAVE to move.

At first it can seem overwhelming, because movement can cause intense pain. Which means there’s only one way to regain your ability to walk:

You have to be able to exercise while keeping your muscles relaxed.

The Truth About Natural Alternatives That Save $$$ And Hurt The Medical Companies

To achieve this movement while keeping muscles relaxed, healthcare providers turn to muscle relaxants like Amrix or Flexeril, … but the last thing anyone wants is MORE pills they have to take.

But you don’t have to when there are natural remedies to accomplish the same goal.

For example, peanuts and bananas are high in magnesium – which is a crucial nutrient that promotes proper muscle function AND acts as a muscle relaxant.

This is just one example, but there are actually a ton of natural substitutes for common, expensive, over-the-counter treatments for sciatica.

Like Ginger which is a natural pain relievers that fights pain from aching joints and has been known to work as well as ibuprofen in situations.

Like Omega-3 fatty acid which can work as a natural antidepressant rather than the prescribed ones for chronic low back pain.

And more..

These contributed to the natural methods that Glen compiled into his Home Vertebra Decompression System…

The 7 Day Promise

If you’re not convinced by the numerous natural methods to alleviate Sciatica, I have an alternative suggestion – check out the system itself.

You don’t want to randomly pick and choose natural solutions, especially if you’re not 100% sure what the source of YOUR sciatica specifically is…

You wouldn’t trust a doctor who diagnosed you without checking out your individual symptoms, would you?

But you also don’t HAVE to rely on doctors (who, after seeing dozens of patients a day, are more worried about the money coming in than the faces). What you need is a guided treatment program

  • One that can help you identify the source of YOUR back pain
  • One that makes treatment easy and fast
  • One that you don’t have to constantly “refill” like medications…
  • One that can solve your issues in one week or less.

The Sciatica SOS Is the Home Vertebra Decompression System you need. 

And it’s even on sale (just for now!). Instead of spending $950 for a years worth of medications and appointments, you can get the program for $37.

Order Today!

For More Information, click here…

Click here to visit the website and find out more, and finally get started using home remedies to eliminate sciatica pain and save money.

P.S. I don’t know how long it will be before the Pharmaceuticals take this site down as well – they are really trying to keep people resorting to monthly payments for medications. Get this while you can!

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